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Sooooo I'm rethinking life in general ...


I love my job. I would filibuster in Congress for how much I love my job. It is invoicing week however and I just put in 49 hours. Currently placing a high value on naps.


If you've never read any of the short stories,  start with The Carpenter's Daughter. Tanya Dennis and I just finished polishing it and it's one of my favorites. I'm super excited to work with Tanya as Stories of Alberian is my #1. (UPDATE: Relaunching Monthly posts in July. Read & Subscribe!)


My third week offline this year starts October 1st. Nothing is harder than prying my curious little fingers off the internet and making time to talk to God. Lord help me, I am such an addict. While offline, I also accomplish important life goals like prayer, cleaning, and laundry. Prayer is obviously the most important item in that list but I've also been known to go for months without doing laundry (did i just write that outloud?). Kellie Perkins can verify (hi Kellie!). The procrastination on the latter proves the importance of making time for the former. The good news is I'm finally conquering the swamp that used to be my kitchen sink. As a post-anorexic, that's really, really important. Because when the dishes build up, the cook stops cooking and the appetite comes to a hunger-paining halt. As a creative, I tend to give in to laziness and imagination over the diligent and mundane. However, art only blossoms when the necessary things are put in order. As my childhood pastor used to say:
The hardest decisions in life are not between "good" and "bad" but between "good" and "best."

- Pastor Rex Keener

That quote has stuck with me through the years and I can tell you it's a very hard, very real struggle. Please pray I grow in diligence, especially  in making time for real life community. It's crucial for consistent authenticity and if I'm going to challenge others to it, I need to be faithful too. Ok, so I hope I didn't totally bore or frighten you with the realities of my un-laundered life... I'm heading to bed now for another fun day of invoicing!
  • Becky Smith

    Hi! I saw that you left a comment on my daughter’s blog, CupFullOfFeathers and stopped by to read through your blog.

    I’ve enjoyed the About Me, and the 100 Things and thought I would just leave a comment to let you know I was here and that I enjoyed getting to meet you! :-)


    • Hello Becky!

      I found your daughter “by chance” on Twitter. She has such a beautiful heart, so sensitive to the Lord! You must be so blessed to have her for a daughter.

      Please forgive this very late reply. I’m so glad my blog blessed you. Thank you so much for visiting!

      Love Always,
      ~ Meg