Around the Web – June 2014

Some really good posts online this month so let's get started! On Daughters and Dating: How to Intimidate Suitors by Jen Wilkin This post went viral in my circle and I know it still needs to be read! Jen Wilkin makes the excellent point that who we raise our daughters to be is the greatest determiner of how they choose a mate. Just read it, it's good. Shaping My Daughter’s Future Husband by Andy Thaxton In the "not quite so viral but needs to be realm," Andy Thaxton writes a beautiful piece on how he is shaping his daughter's husband - before even meeting him. I've been thinking about the importance of family a lot lately so both of these really resonated with me. Among the Thistles by an Anonymous Christian Mother of Five I found this blog searching for images of thistles for the next Story of Alberian - aka PURE GOD-INCIDENCE. Our anonymous mom emphasizes how important it is to build bridges with the public school system for the right reasons.
I think I need to add that the objective here is not to change the public school system to a quasi-religious school system, or to impose Christian values on a secular institution. But rather, to navigate the system in a way that allows our children to be in the world but not overrun by it.
I really love her perspective on the big picture goal in light of where God has placed her family (Washington DC) and the way she faces that struggle.
Because of this tension between contrasting outlooks on life, I have struggled with the decision to even send our children to public school. But, in the end, have found that this is where God has called our family. In light of this, I have tried to figure out how to equip my kids so they will produce good fruit even when the weeds threaten to choke them. This process is not easy and there are often no clear answers, but simply giving up or hoping for the best is not enough.
Visit and read. You will be encouraged. Mieri by Stories of Alberian I found myself unable to post a short story this month. I'm about to go on an internet fast which might help me write or at least process more the things holding me back. To be perfectly honest, I've been growing a lot with my new job and also recognizing a lot of ways I'm really really hurting. Early this month I was drifting into sleep and found myself thinking of childhood memories. Then in the wee hours of the morning my subconscious hit a raw nerve and suddenly I was screaming and sobbing at the top of my lungs. I spent most of this past weekend processing defense mechanisms I've developed that can now be laid to rest. Last night I dreamed I was attacked by a floating plaid strawberry. Needless to say it's been a very adventurous place in my head. All this relates to a character in the writing named Mieri. Mieri Granted I haven't written a word about her yet, but there's a lot to her story.

If I'm going to write her well, I must first understand myself. 

One of the things about being a writer is that there's so much you want to say that you don't yet have words for. Please pray for me as God gives words. And yes, a short story is coming soon. In the meantime, here is an incredible photo of thistles:
"Thistles in Wheat" by Jessica Rose
While I am brazenly using this photo without permission let me try and compensate by mentioning you can purchase prints and even greeting cards for only $5 dollars at Praying God helps you find the beauty in all of life's struggles. Blessings, ~ Meg  
  • Tefa

    I love the broad scope of parenting, community, society, and self that you have wrapped into this post. Thistles are an excellent choice for your imagery, for their beauty, their prickliness, their tenacity, and their delicious heart (think artichoke). My heart aches for the suffering of nightmares triggered by childhood trauma, but delights in the healing mercy of God that allows you to dream of plaid strawberries instead. Your daisies are still clean, and you are loved. Thank you for your inside-out. Can’t wait to fall in love with Mieri, since I already adore the brain she comes from!