Around the Web – May 2014

The smell of burning food awoke me from my laziness and supplied enough adrenaline to initiate writing. Let's get started.asterisk Why have Women Deacons? by JA Medders I have wrestled with the Apostle Paul's comments regarding women lightly through out my Christian faith. While I understand most of what he says there's definitely parts that confused me. I always knew the church needed the influence of women leaders I am very grateful JA takes the time to look at the Greek. "Deacon" is a pretty awkward word nowadays but it originates from the Greek. Besides giving us a breakdown of why the church needs female leaders, JA also shares his survey of leaders opinions throughout the American Church. Very interesting. Very Encouraging. Very Biblical. No More Asterisks by Erin Strahsburg I love my Erin. I remember first meeting her on Twitter ... she was a pretty skittish, jaded chick. Her friend Sarah was more the socially interactive writer. "@Netwindscritic" was the awkward sidekick along for the ride. And yet in the course of a year or so there has been a lovely transformation. Introverted Erin has found herself helpfully spilling her guts online for the encouragement of others, certainly this kindred reader. She doesn't post much and she's not going to advertise her archives but the spiritual transformation of this girl is something to marvel. The link above is her public declaration not to hold back facing truth and honesty. Also I'm stealing her asterisk for this post. After all she said she didn't want one. When We Get Small and God Gets Big by Jared C Wilson Jared is cool. He bookends clear statements about our faith with fun profound sayings like "no one likes an egghead." Reading him write theology is one of my favorite things. This post is like that ... except it's too important to be fun. Middletown Springs Community Church has faced a lot of death this past year. In the post above, Jared shares about his friend Natalie. Natalie is a Deacon. "Deaconess" I should say. She pushed Jared out of his comfort zone as a young, introverted pastor and he's very glad she did. She's also dying of cancer. So she asked Jared to read Ecclesiastes.
“Why Ecclesiastes?” [Jared asked]
“Because I see that having a bunch of stuff and money and fame doesn’t do anything. It tells me I didn’t waste my life.”
I don't know about you, but I want my life to matter. And I want it to matter for the right reasons. Ecclesiastes is a depressing book. "All is vanity!" Solomon cries. However his emphasis on the end of life reminds us what we should really be living for. There's nothing quite so uncomfortable as death to make us question what we're living for. I hope Natalie's words echo within your soul. That your life needs to mean something. Every living breath. And as @Netwindscritic would say ... "Me Off."