Attempting to Live with Twitter OCD

It has been a few months since I posted this and while my dependency has lessened my opinions remain the same. Here's to friendships formed via active listening online!


Last month I took a week break from twitter.

It was the most refreshing "jolt-in-the-head" withdrawal. My last Twitter break was July 2012 but I didn't realize how much I needed to step away. This is what I learned:

• Twitter favoriting is a magnetic addiction.

It's like I think my push of a star button is necessary to validate the existence of wit.

• My dependency on "posting a tweet" to de-stress about my life is not mature.

So far making progress in not.

• People in real life really are fun to be around!

I have trust issues but this was still a bonker brain revelation.

• I "at reply" way more often than needed.

At replying Josh Taylor incessantly was so last year. This was more about continuing conversations that really didn't need to be continued. Also aren't people more likely to reread blogs than small at replies? Cutting out extra conversation has definitely helped my creativity.

Twitter Resolutions to Avidly Maintain

Pencil Art by Nalina PrasannaI'm on twitter to build friendships and do ministry. Unfortunately because of my OCD that means I also can't follow everyone.

I read every tweet in my feed.

So please forgive me when I don't follow back - I can't. It was a challenging and brave day I followed more than 100.

I've learned to accept that I can't get to know everybody but I can get to know somebody.

I would rather not follow at all than follow and back out. Test following anybody below 10,000 followers is just rude in my opinion so I try not to do it.

Also I read my Twitter feed daily - prior to and more often than the Bible (This is VERY NOT GOOD). Allowing someone's voice in my life opens me to the influence / effect of their words and I cannot - I absolutely refuse to give that privilege to everybody. Doing so would be unwise.

I emphasize my words because I feel the need to explain why I abstain from the "follow drives." Some can be classy but after a while I just feel inundated with advertising. Sure I wish more people followed me but why should I go around begging for it? Will it really make me more "heard?" Will it even make me more understood?

Besides that, how many of you actually know the people who follow you? "Knowing" by this definition means to build a friendship with. To care about the other persons life. Not that everyone can know everyone but I hope you see my point.

Ok, now that I've released my pent up twitter rant there's one more thing I want to say:

I'm Continuing My Twitter Withdrawal

Primarily by turning off notifications. As much as I want to know every at reply ASAP, it will have to wait until I log in and check my mentions myself. The majority of my life has been extremely isolated to the point where real life socialization becomes a fear for me. Depending on my mention stream for affirmation only handicaps my confidence to obey God's calling.

As they say in the business "don't believe your own press kit." As much as we'd like to, it's better we don't.

True validation was never downloaded off the Internet.

Which is why they tell you "don't read the comments."

That's my rant. I hope it was useful.



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