Can God Trust You? The Short-Lived Adventures of the Hot Pink Bikini

It was on sale for $15, hot pink and skimpy.
The Little Mermaid herself would trade me for this find. Yes, I just implied that The Little Mermaid is immodest. Why? Because She IS!!! There, I said it. Now I love “Unda’ Da Sea” as much as the next trusting 10 year old, but Disney is NO standard for modesty. I can say that confidently because they took Walt’s name off and made Disney a commercialized brand; Commercial meaning “we’ll sell whatever they want” which is again … NO standard for modesty. But anyways enough of my rant.

I loved this pink bathing suit. I felt amazing wearing it and I loved pretending I was the Little Mermaid.

Yes, I just said I admired everything I JUST ranted about. Not only did I admire it, I played dress up & wore it pretending to be a fairytale princess. In public. To wear it by myself, I went to the beach alone several times that summer. At the end of summer God told me I couldn’t wear it anymore.
“Why?” I asked. “Because it’s immodest.”
Yes, God talks to me personally. And if you enter a real relationship with Jesus Christ, you can talk & hear from him personally too. It’s sort of like getting a twitter reply from someone you really admire: sometimes he answers your questions, sometimes He ignores it & expects you to just read the feed, sometimes He tells you something that gets you offended & sends you into a hissy fit … And sometimes … He says something that totally makes your day.
“Then why did you let me buy it and wear it if it’s immodest?” “Because I knew you would put it away when I told you to.”

God trusted me enough that He said “Yes” because He knew I would respect His “No.”

I still have the amazing hot pink bathing suit buried in my closet. It’ll come out after wedding bands are exchanged and not a red hot minute sooner. It will be a one of a kind, highly-anticipated, limited release edition. Don’t you want to be a one-of-a-kind, highly anticipated, limited release?

Can God trust you to listen to Him when He says "no?"

The now banned swimwear waiting for a different season. Love Always Protects.