Celebrating Celibacy

The Christian Bachelorette Party. One of the few times Christian Girls are actually permited to get excited about … you know … sex!
I’ve known this girlfriend for 3 years now and can hardly believe her day has come! I mean … she’s younger than me! I remember when she was single! All you older folks are like “yes Megan, we know. This stuff happens. And your point was?”

They haven’t kissed for 13 months.

That takes dedication.

When Miss Beautiful walks down the aisle on Saturday and the pastor says “you may now kiss the bride” I will celebrate like no other because I know the sacrifice and dedication. I’ve been there for the tears and the struggle. Her joy is my joy because she’s earned it.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure I want to be married, but I’ve got a lot to do right now and let’s face it: I’m not the best housekeeper! I am genuinely excited to be apart of her journey as a married woman.

And I am content for when it will be my day.

Until then, I’ll be relaxing with the homemade facials!


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