Don’t Put Your Talent In a Box!

I talked with a couple girlfriends about my last blog and got approximately the same response:
“Your’re so talented/I have no talents.” Both of them meant it. These beautiful, friendly ladies both think they have ZERO talent!!! What is that!  One an amazing restaurant hostess and the other a gifted personal shopper … you’ll never meet friendlier ladies in your life! So here’s my thought … we need to step away from the arts and rethink about ourselves and our “talent” or perceived lack thereof. My uncle is into sparse matrices. “Huh?” Yeah, me too … basically it’s code for the coders and only a handful of guys do what he does. How well does he do it? Well, Google thinks he’s cool. If that doesn’t spell “awesome” then I’d have to explain his math stuff and you don’t want me to do that because I can’t. Now, completely unrelated to the arts, my uncle does something very very well that helps other people. That’s it. How about that for a definition of a talent? Outside the box, right? So what is it that you do? Think about the stuff you do that helps people that you have fun doing! Cause that’s how you know you have talent! And you DO have talent! So use it beautiful you person you! And tell me what it is, alright?


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