The End Goal

America needs more martyrs. Now I'm not saying there's a lot anyone can or should do to try and change that but I'm observing a need.
We are too comfortable.
Better to go to the house of mourning Than to go to the house of feasting, For that is the end of all men; And the living will take it to heart.

Ecclesiastes 7:2

Life is not a sprint; it's a marathon. And if you're only running for the next big thing, that's a pretty empty cause. Oh so you made the big sale, huh? When's the next one? Oh my gosh you got a new job! Congrats! How soon will you get bored with the pay? Oh, you're in a relationship? When are you getting married? Having kids? Going to Disney World? Seeing them through highschool? Getting them through college? Oh look you have your own life back again... how about those hemorrhoids? (This is also why I'm single and happy. Also you should try soaking in chamomile tea.) I know us 20 somethings laugh, but it really does go that quick. And I can say that because I've already had my midlife crisis. Life is what happens when we have 43 minutes of uninterrupted time on a Thursday night.
What have we have chosen for our end goal?
All-Army runners take top trophy from Brazilians at 26th Army Ten-Miler

Good death takes practice.

Most people talk about "living well" but few think about "dying well." Death happens to everyone. It is a universal part of the human experience. So if we're all going to die and only God chooses when and how I must assume this:
Why would God waste something as painfully noticeable as death?

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