Hello Internet!

So I spent last week mostly offline and there was plenty going on in my brain before that so please forgive me as I gush / rant on about housekeeping, life realization, color-coordinated tank tops and previously frozen mushrooms freshly sauteed with butter... I've been laid off for two weeks. And I needed the break. It's been amazing. I look at my financial statements, my new chromebook computer, my Samsung pocket camera, and even my coconut oil misto, I can't help but thank God for the opportunity to work at my last job. I was stressed as all get out but I am blessed to have worked there. Being laid off, I've had time to fix stuff around my house. I embraced the destruction of my dryer and found alternative solutions. I put together the triple laundry bag dolly that I bought weeks ago. I even put away my clean clothes. Shocking I know... I also removed evil evil stains with the easiest homemade recipe. Fully armed with a clean house (not yet vacuumed though, I can't claim perfection!), I rewrote my resume and actually liked how I look on paper. Also applied for a job titled "web content editor" that I can only consider because of my experience with this blog and coding my tumblr and blogspot websites. HTML is my friend. CSS is everyone's enemy. I'm writing this post in HTML. I am secretly a nerd. Alright well not so secretly. I guess I just love knowing how things work. It makes me happy. I am becoming a foodie. Realizing I didn't have to reuse my tea bags has freed my soul in ways I don't even know how to express. This is not the great depression. Current favorites: Tazo Rest and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla
Vanilla Tea by Rennes
New Music Kelli posted this adorable video 29 Ways to Stay Creative and one that caught my eye was listening to new music. I never got into Pandora or Spotify but my chromebook came with a 60 day offer for Google Music All Access. It's amazing. I was already in love with the "instant mix" feature but I'm now able to stream all sorts of new songs by artists I've never heard before and my eardrums are beyond happy. Current song playing is "The A Team" by Birdy. New Guilty Pleasure It's called Bloglovin. And the best way I can describe it is it's like pinterest for blogs. My friend Jordan introduced me to it and I'm super excited for a better way to keep up. I synchronized both StoriesOfAlberian.com and this here blog so this paragraph would not be complete without a shameless pitch to follow MegLivingInsideOut.net with Bloglovin. And I also have a new deadline to turn the computer off ASAP after 10. Because bedtime. See you tomorrow internet. I've missed you. ~ Meg