How to be an Honest Hipster

I admit it, I'm biased. I think the current hipster trends are the cutest things since kittens with bows. I mostly love everything about the vintage sepia glow overwhelming us from Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram. I say this because I'm about to rip into my peers as harsh as anyone who has ever loved art more than food or sleep. Cool cannot be bought. Not even at thrift. This is not about dissing thrift because if you have good taste and have the skill to mend or modify a garment or compose a fresh outfit you deserve to be applauded because simply put OUTFITTING IS A SKILL. And that's exactly my point... Skill is cool. I get frustrated by the pervasive idea that coolness can be bought. No. The "coolness" that we as a generation seek is only found by getting good at something to the point where people admire us for it and quite frankly if you're doing things only for people to admire you you need to rethink why you get out of bed in the morning. I get turned off by all the Tumblr blogs that rip other people's photos without credit and then go out follower-seeking and promo advertising as if likes and reblogs were some kind of competition. Not to say that posting good photos on Tumblr with credit isn't a skill ... it is, it's called curating and I'm proud to say I follow both Bread and Olives and 4HimGlory who are dedicated to providing sources and reblogging original artists. You'd be surprised how much time they spend doing it right. (Also if you put your watermark on someone else's photo I will pick up my computer monitor and slap you then tell you to go do it right for yourself.) Doing it right takes time. There is no easy/free road to quality. You know how long it took them to invent that touch screen entertainment device you're text-whining about your mom on? I don't exactly know myself except I couldn't invent a sonograph if I tried. At least I think that's what its called... And in fact that is the apparatus I meant and I spelled it correctly despite my android's ignorance on sonography. I guess my homeschooling paid off. Learn to do things yourself This one's a double edged sword for me because I consistently get feedback at work that I need to more frequently ask for help. On the positive side, I'm a big proponent of getting myself into projects I don't know how to finish but I'll figure it out when I get there. I can pin delightfully lit interiors with the best of them (skill: interior design) but until I get off the couch and clean my kitchen table my house is never going to look like that. You can have all the hired help in the world but only you can decide what you want to do with that coupon/receipt/brochure/phone-number-on-paper-scrap pile. I'm learning. Also I've finally finished waxing my kitchen floor this week. That was a month and a doozy. Talk about "living in the living room" with your kitchen table and fridge... anyways. I learned how to wax. It's actually really hard work. Hard Work Remember that "doing it right takes time" thing? Well it takes sweat too. And brain power. Preferably brain power before sweat so there's actually a satisfactory outcome in return for your sweating. Even so, you're rarely going to get it right the first time so instead of having a self-hate tantrum at your present incompetence how about trying again and doing it differently? It'll probably turn out better now that you know what to look for. So, now that you've survived all that ranting I give you awesome examples of cool people with skill whom I secretly call hipsters. After all it is a compliment in my mind... The Babcocks - "Oh my gosh I need to go mountain climbing now" is the only acceptable response to Caleb's work apart from reblogging. Meet Caleb and Araina on Tumblr. Lake Cushman from Caleb & Shawn on Vimeo. Sincerely, Kinsey - A photographer by trade, this girl's love of art and creativity brightens my day every time. Can't wait to make candle votives and homemade chai. Also she just adopted a Alaskan Malamute / Husky! Visit her blog! Did I mention her husband makes music?
Kinsey & Banjo
Jeremy Cowart - This dude actually is a founder of a movement. It's called Help Portrait and you better brace yourself to cry. (He does ... shhh I didn't tell you that!) This is one of those rad dudes who actually is crazy multi-hat talented like don't get me started. I loved his film before I followed him on Twitter before I saw his photography before I heard his thought process on making art and actual Photoshop storytelling videos that are basically magic. Also there's this cute little photo app you iphone users going to be addicted to next month. Don't say I didn't warn you about OKDOTHIS...
Jeremy Cowart photographed by Trey Radcliffe
Charlie Peacock - Not many people can say they've been making good art for this many years. If you don't know his name it's because you were too busy rocking out to Switchfoot and worshiping the second coming of The Civil Wars to read your music credits. Charlie is a music producer and if you want to do anything in art EVER you need to read his "Letter to a Young Musician."
Charlie Peacock in Paste Magazine
The Vespers - Speaking of young musicians, this sister-sister/brother-brother group will absolutely melt your heart with their stories in song. Curly Phoebe is my favorite. AND they're releasing their third album soon. Support them on Kickstart! Just visit
The Vespers
Also if you haven't watched The Piano Guys or Lindsey Stirling yet you're missing out on the best reason for the existence of Youtube, not to mention BlimeyCowDid you know Jordan Michael Taylor is also an incredible musician? Regarding dance, this is my favorite dance improv. There's also a film called Blue Dress. Hands from Blue Dress That's all for now. Don't call yourself a founder unless you actually are. Oh and please enjoy this lovely playlist I put together on YouTube. Extra fun if you add background with RainyMood. Peace.


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