Hurt to Heal

The scar tissue of the sprained ankle sent sharp pain into a joint I knew to be healed.

Why the contrast?

The further I understood my childhood the more brutally I felt the aches.

Why the timing?

I made myself late to work in self sabotage but then got back on the highway.

Why the fear?

There's this thing that happens when we're healing - physically, emotionally, and even psychologically.

Our body has to remember the loss. Our heart has to mourn the depth. Our mind has to test the old neural pathway.

It's a consistent pattern.

And it's frustrating.

Just as I feel I'm making progress, the most innocuous circumstance or sensory experience reminds me just how weak and vulnerable I really am.

Surviving Sandy IV by Richard Camacho (Flickr Creative Commons)

I don't really have any answers to give except an observation...

Pain comes hand in hand with healing. 

Don't be afraid. 


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