I just want to help

... but that doesn’t mean I have to help everybody. I can’t. If I try I’ll be permanently exhausted or constantly feeling guilty.
It was only this month I realized I confuse guilt with the Holy Spirit. I knew I struggled with guilt. Four years ago my counselor recognized that “if I wasn’t feeling guilty I subconsciously searched for something to feel guilty about.” It was so normal. Guilt. Normal. Two words I never want to live again. Now that I’ve recognized this I’m making a conscious decision to determine why I feel the need to do something, volunteer for that, offer this, talk to them, or finish that non-crucial task to perfection. When I do this sometimes I hear the Holy Spirit telling me to act and sometimes I recognize the voice of guilt and choose to walk away free. It’s most rewarding. I have margin in my life now. Elbow room to make time for the things and people I do care about! Projects like this blog, the next story after “Shine,” and people I know who will change the world … and when they do, I will look on proudly and say “I Helped!”
Happy Shoes!
My Converse & Her Toms. We wouldn’t be ourselves without each other.