It’s a Writer’s Life

I have to write something lighter after the last one. These are the thoughts and feelings of a baby blogger. Here's to all the over-thinking creators out there: Moment of Inspiration "Oh my goodness this is a great idea! I have to write this!" Writing Longhand "Man, this is good ... if only my hand weren't cramping!" Typing into Computer "Oooh! I'll say it like this!" Types and types. Gets headache. Hits Publish. Posts on Twitter/Facebook "This is the best post ever! I can't wait for everyone to read it!" Reads Post on Phone "I left in HOW MANY TYPOS?!?!" Logs into wordpress. Edits. Rewords. Obsesses. Re-rewords. Reads Comments "Ok, people kinda get it. Or kinda not. Whatever, that's cool." One Month Later "What was that post about?" Three Months Later "Oh my goodness, what did I spit up on the screen?!!" Remembers friends who loved it. Chills out. LOL!