Like an Arrow

The Church needs each other.

No member is any more important than another. Community together needs everyone.

Here's why:

Let's say someone has a vision. A calling.

Leaders are the Arrow Point

God gives them insight, words, and purpose and as they pray things start to happen. Those closest to them notice God's moving and join them in the hands on ministry.

Friends are the Arrow Shaft

These are the practical people who cheerfully stack chairs, make food, and drive to the airport. Ministry does not happen without them. Those older in the faith notice them busy about kingdom business.

Mentors are the Arrow Fletchings

During the action they quietly approach offering support and encouragement. Young leaders who are wise lavish time  in their company absorbing counsel, refining vision, and clarifying direction. We NEED these people. Respect them. Everyone involved up to this point is called to pray.

Prayer Warriors are the Bow String

It's impossible to explain how crucial this is. Prayer is the thing the MAKES STUFF HAPPEN. Not that "we make God do things" because that's a very puny view of him however God likes to listen to us. It's also good when we listen to Him. As we pray and listen, God purifies our heart, removing selfish motives and preparing our perspective to respond to others with love.
"Day 147" by Chris Barber
So why the bow and arrow? Why compare the body of Christ to an implement of war?

We are called to speak the truth. We are called to speak the truth in love.

Every generation has its own cultural immunity;

It requires wisdom to pierce that graciously.

Grace and peace to you as you find your place in the Body.


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