Meant to Be

He was a gift of God That was never meant to be; And yet somehow parts of him Grew inside of me.

Our minds met, Our hands touched, His veins grew into mine.

Our eyes locked, Our blood raced, As hearts became entwined.

And then our Creator Who had ordained our meet, Spoke against the passions Tho' they were bridled sweet.

That which God once nurtured, He now ordained to die.

Our hands released, The veins tore, And I began to cry.

He told me not to or he'd cry too Except he didn't know, Every step that brought us closer, I knew exactly how.

I'd tried to run away, But Abba Father guided His daughter towards his son, That both might learn the way of wisdom And that souls be won.

For a marriage partner is a comrade In this war of life, And God knows only How to strengthen For the later strife.

Since we were not for each other Our future partners will be blessed; For we learned to walk in purity And how to do that best.

~ March 22nd 2010


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Meant to Be - Watch on Youtube
Meant to Be - Watch on Youtube