More Than Talent

Heart. Passion. Sacrifice. These matter most.
Talent? I’m sorry … I am so over talent. Talent comes by the bucket full, I don’t care what your artform is. Dedication? Now that’s rare. Self-sacrifice? Even rarer. Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave will tell you no one is more surprised at his longevity in the music industry than he is. However when you watch BDW walk off the stage to pray with their audience members in the most unusual concert/worship service/ prayer service you could ever experience …  there is no surprise at all! Contrast that with a girl who’s so into her own feelings she dances for her own satisfaction to the distraction of all observers. Yeah I’m speaking of myself. Before I criticize I’d better be honest: When it comes to “self-expression for the purpose of self-satisfaction” I’m the biggest God-Glory thief I know. It’s a hard thing to describe in print. Much like dirty pictures, we all know self-pleasing art when we see it. It screams: “Look at ME! Am I not the most special thing you’ve ever seen/heard/wanted to smack upside the head!?!?!” Cue upchuck. So what am I to do when my stomach acid reviles so much “Self-Proclaimed Art?” Look for the heart. With heart comes passion, passion begets dedication, dedication multiplies talent. There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone do something they were created to do. I don’t care if you’re selling shoes, making screws, designing code, fixing commodes  … doing something with heart makes it art. It’s this thing called Excellence. Sure not everybody is going to appreciate the beauty of your html code in its raw form but some will. That’s what friends are for. So don’t put art in a box. Don’t put musicians or dancers on a pedestal. And don’t think that your work is any less important. It’s not. Filing those documents exactly the way you were shown will save somebody a big headache down the road. And yeah they might not know it was you who kept the office files so organized. In fact, they probably won’t. But you will know. And God will know. Live life like its one big Art Project for Him and you’ll appreciate beauty in its most unexpected forms. Because Everyone has talent. The Question is what do we do with it? While you're thinking, here's some music for you from Big Daddy Weave: