Nothing I have on me is my own

I stuffed the twenty dollars in my pocket and stepped out of the office. Purse sat safely in the cabinet as I tramped the sidewalk to my boss's favorite Italian place. A highschool kid in his football jersey asked if I'd support his team. Not wanting to hurt his feelings but also aware my time was on the company I answered him quickly as I walked by:
"I'm sorry, nothing I have on me is my own."
Words echoed back into my own ears and I rejoiced at how true it was.
"This way" by Daniel Pink
Physically The phone in my pocket was free with a two year contract. The otterbox was pricey but God made sure I had enough in the cashflow. He gave me the strength to work and earn money for that and also the clothes I bought at thrift and Banana. Walking is a blessing. My feet bear memories of sprains and plantar fasciitis. And yet I can walk to the grocery store, climb a mountain, and even point my foot in ballet class. Sure the sprain was misdiagnosed but proprioceptive exercises had well restored the function and even improved my balance. Any twinges in my heel or arch and I knew how to stretch. This is grace. Personally Built-in intuition allowed me to understand the needs of the brokers. Learned persuasion enabled me to enact my employer's will with vendors and suppliers. God-given creativity supplied words of entertaining diplomacy in an office otherwise rife with division. This is grace. Spiritually My parents taught me the truth about God. Recognizing it was true was His gift. "Jesus of Nazareth" showed me the sacrifice God gave for my sin. Receiving it for my sins was His gift. Reading the the Bible was part of homeschooling. Understanding it was His gift. Knowing people lived and died without God came with understanding. Throwing myself on my bed and crying because they did so was a broken-heartedness that He gave. So little I can take credit for. This is His grace.
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