OutGoing Hermit

So today I managed to do almost everything on my list. I organized financials majorly and did some serious social media fixin' uppin. And now I'm laying in bed. I talked to my mom today, I talked to my dad. I didn't go outside except to take out trash. I'm thankful I have a job. It gets me off my bum and out of my house. I need it. I literally didn't see another living human being today except for the mailman. What kind of hermit am I? The most technologically outgoing daredevil hermit I ever met. Well, I guess I wouldn't really meet another one now would I? Maybe we could text... I don't know, I guess I'm writing this because I feel like I'm nuts (even though I know I'm not). To quote myself, (there I go again!) "You can only do so much 'social-media-ing' without feeling like you're making a way bigger deal of yourself than you ought." I got a lot done today. I guess I don't feel like it because there isn't a stadium wave of response. All the same, I'm glad there isn't, otherwise I'd feel pressured to write a lot of people back. And heck, I'm glad there aren't bunches of people watching ... Who wants all their online mistakes inspected anyways? Not me! I reread an email today. One a friend wrote me after Shine. One of the things I especially loved was rereading the vision of how my impact will remain long after I'm dead & gone. That makes me happy. It doesn't matter if only 10 people watched my last vlog. It's not there for today. It's there for the girl who will discover me tomorrow and need friend counsel in my living room 6 months later.

I need to embrace it.

I guess it's just hard to hug an epiphany.

Looking Out of the InverseDream

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