Poem of Words

The power of life
and the power of death
Can be found in the pen.
For by one’s words
You will be saved,
Or you will be condemned.

If you claim to be Christian
But leave Jesus off,
Or just pretend to be so
But ignore the Gospel of:
Truth & Suffering,
Glory in Loss,
Pain for His Name’s Sake
And carrying our cross…

What you have are
Broken shells And dirty sand;
No ocean of grandeur
Obeying God’s plan.

A soul gone amiss
Is a great loss indeed,
For the burden of “Truth Proclaim”
That much heavier be.

To whom do you listen?
Within who’s thoughts do you dwell?
Is their heart to be trusted?
Their contemplations well?

The waves of this life,
They beat and they harry,
If your hopes’ built on sand,
Not long will they tarry.

But God is faithful and just
To forgive us our sins,
When we reach for His hand,
We become One with Him.


Lately I’ve been thinking about people who claim to be Christians but aren’t preaching the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ. I find this very troubling and I’ve been praying about what I can do to encourage the truth.

I want to follow the principles outlined in Mathew 18 and have prayerfully decided I will begin writing letters to individual leaders who do not seem to be speaking the truth.

Please pray for me as I embark on this journey that I would send the right words to the right people. This isn’t about me being right; this is about Jesus being represented rightly.

Some may say this isn’t my place. All I know is I must be obedient to God.

“You will know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16.

If you read all of Matthew 7, Jesus shows very clearly that we should not judge, but we can evaluate. Those who have removed their own planks are called to remove specks. We must trust our Father in Heaven to provide for our needs and do unto others as we would have them do to us.

We must look for the narrow gate that leads to Life and beware of false prophets who would distract us. Jesus says there’s lots of people who claim to work for Him who don’t have a relationship with Him. He says those who do not do the will of the Father “practice lawlessness.”

Jesus encourages us that if we hear His words and do them, we will be safe from the storm.

I choose to obey.

How about you?

Key West, Flickr Creative Commons
Key West, Flickr Creative Commons

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