Slave for Christ

He is my lover; He is my friend The joy in our hearts: may it have no end. Whatever He wills, my soul desires; His goodness eternal, obedience inspires.

No matter the cost, I trust His heart. Whatever the pain, we ne'er shall part. His Love overwhelms, my reason obeys; Christ is my shelter, come what may. ___________

In the Old Testament, a bondservant was one who chose to be a slave out of love. This is found in Deuteronomy 15. A man indebted became a servant to work off his debt under the supervision and accountability of the man he owed. But every seven years, all the debts were to be canceled and servants set free. I don't know that the Israelites ever did this, but God's instruction was recorded whether they observed it or not. An exception was made for those servants who loved their masters so much that when offered the opportunity to go free they refused to be parted. It was then that they pierced the servant's ear as a mark of his choosing to belong to the one he loved.

So it is with me.

A mentor challenged me recently "Why do you believe?" I sat quietly waiting for the right words.

"Jesus rescued me from my guilt, sin, and death. I cannot but love Him."

That is my answer. I am a slave for Christ. I trust His goodness implicitly. Not to say I always understand it. I still look up at Him (respectfully I hope) and ask sometimes "What is Your purpose in this?" But I never doubt Him.

I know Him.

He is the Savior of my heart, the Lover of my soul. He has carried me through every struggle and revealed only goodness on the otherside.

For freeing me, I am eternally grateful.

I don't live in fear. I don't need to. I used to though. Next post I'm going to share my story of self-harm. It's not particularly dramatic but it's my story and that's the only one I can share. If you're struggling in bondage to guilt, indebted to slavery because of sin, I want you to know there is peace to be found. The blood of Christ atones so we don't have to. And like me, I hope when you're free, you'll choose to serve Him out of Love.

He loved and served us first.

Why should we hold anything back when He didn't?


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