“So you want to date me”

Not that you will. But you might. And it might be a Wednesday to go down in history but girls I'm not talking about you. Read this as an example. So what's the first thing I look for in a guy? #1. CHARACTER If you're submitting fro-yo receipts to your job as a business expense, you lost me right there. If you get up at 5 am for a film shoot after installing doors on your mom's house at 2 ... that's a lot more impressive. Otherwise ... do not cross this point. #2. PURPOSE WHY ARE YOU HERE? DO YOU KNOW? ARE YOU TRYING TO FIND OUT? This goes hand in hand with character. Not only do you do the right thing ... you know your reason for doing it. Find your personal thesis statement. #3. OVERLAP OF PERSONAL THESIS STATEMENT What do I mean by this? Well like my one friend said the other day "I'm an mechanic, but I want to be a marriage counselor." I responded by saying "I love stories." Not quite like that, there was a little more dialogue, but that was the essence of our conversation. We made a great team driving and navigating last weekend. Teamwork is awesome. #4. BE A TEAM PLAYER It's not all about you. It's not all about me either. But if we know what we want to do together and we do it, that is sincerely personally rewarding. I love a good coordination of minds. Speaking of which... #5. HAVE A BRAIN If you're smart, don't be afraid to be smart. I like smart. Lazy minds are boring and I hate them. Yes I really did just say that. And no I'm not talking about having an off day or saying stupid stuff when you're tired (cause that's life and heck is it funny!), I'm talking about having ideas and verbalizing them. Then sharing them. Like that collaborative teamwork thing I was talking about. Yeah. So in summary, I'm attracted to a honest, hardworking individual who likes to share ideas and accomplish them with me and also loves stories. There's more to it than this of course ('cause I'm a girl for crying out loud and making things complicated is my art) but that's the basic gist. I'll save the rest for another post when I'm not so into using all caps. Ok ... peace out love bugs, I'm going to the mattresses. ~Meg P.S. Congrats also to my parents on today their 31st wedding anniversary!

Volvo red

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