The Flashback Week from Hell

Anorexia with a side of Meatballs. Incompetence & Insomnia. Angst & Anxiety. Car Accidents with Airbags. Mold Allergies & Misunderstandings.

It was all there. Every struggle from my four years of crushing (excluding heartbreak). There’s no way for me to summarize what each of those words represents. And I experienced it all in seven days. The darkness tried to convince me I was still the weak, incapable person hiding from the world in a sunless apartment enslaved to guilt.

I’m still a weak person … but I have Jesus.

I had Jesus then. But now I know how to face this crap: HE is my Strength. HE is my Song! He is my Joy on a Sunless Day!

Did I still cry? Yes, absolutely … I kind of abandoned makeup after my car got totaled. Did I make some “reactionary mistakes?” Yeah, I sure did. A couple of doozies too. Am I moving on? Yes I am. Last week does not define me.

I choose to fall forward! I Choose to Trust Jesus for Everything!

Including a new car. More on that tomorrow.