The Hunger Games & a Post-Modern World

We need love even if we’ve forgotten the word.
The story of Katniss Everdeen resonates with our culture because we want our life to have value even if we feel the whole world is against us. The hyper-real distopia of Panem enables a safer look at our own lives. Who doesn’t identify with a take charge girl coping with a missing father, a weak mother, and a dependent sister? Intersect the post-modern era, where words mean what we want them too and we don’t want anyone to make us into something we’re not, to paraphrase Peeta.

Even if we don’t believe “Love” “Respect” and “Safety” are real … we at least want the definitions to be real.

We want our hope for them to be real, even if we’ve never experienced them because we are made to need them. The Hunger Games portrays that hope. It will have me thinking for quite a while. A culture desperate for hope has made this movie the number 1 box office hit of all time.

If only they had Jesus.