The Joy of Persecution

This has been a week. For the world, in the news, and for me. I wish there was more I could do for the Christians in the rest of the globe. There is however a resignation and trust that their blood cries out to the LORD Almighty and He will justify every sin against His People.
He never promises safety from the calamity of the world. He promises He will be with us.  He never promises acceptance from the world. He promises persecution. 
It is with a heart of resignation that I chose to report my week. Here in the lovely United States a different war is breaking. One I did not expect but should not have supposed otherwise.
"I am going to break you."
And with those words, war was declared upon my innocence. Why would a middle-age husband and father in his forties feel justified in degrading the purity of a single virgin girl of twenty-seven?
What is more potent in the heart of a man than innocence, intelligence, and beauty? What is more convicting evidence of the Holiness of God that a lifestyle of purity?
In the history of humanity, the church has always received persecution because of it's testimony of love. Because the existence of faith in God alone is offensive to the powers of darkness. And our adversary the devil will not waste any opportunity for defiling the sanctified church of Christ. Perseverance is our testimony.  UPDATE: I'm grateful to report that my work relationship has experienced a reboot, thanks to the prayers of many good people. My coworker and I are working to better understand both our words and boundaries. Additionally, God is moving on my coworkers' heart. Please keep him in your continued prayers. image

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  • This post was really hard to read.

    Maybe I’m being obvious or overreacting, but I hope you’ve given this guy’s name and info to people you trust. I also hope you won’t hesitate to report him. It’s hard for me not to worry, but I won’t because I know that God is protecting you. You’re in my prayers (along with everyone else in this world suffering persecution).

    And of course, I appreciate everything else you said and how it ties in with what you’ve been dealing with. For reasons I won’t go into, I’m not about to compare the persecution of one person to that of another, but I will say how encouraged I am when I see others endure, with a joyful heart, persecution for Christ’s sake.

    And before I go, please let me just say how thankful and glad I am that you know your true worth and where it lies. There’s not enough of that in this world.

    • Thanks Dane. I need a lot of wisdom and courage come Monday.