The Strange Hunger of Small Blessings

The homeless man walked the curb against the left lane. I smiled behind my glasses. I hadn't met this man before but he didn't look frightening.
In this town, all the young people look the same but the homeless you remember.

I lowered my window and we made conversation. I wanted him to know I still saw him as human; as a person with eternal value despite his earthly standing. He had a name, a story, and even a daughter my age. Homeless men tend to ask about relationship status. I thank them and tell the truth. I didn't have any cash on me but I looked at my dashboard and saw two small pistachios I'd saved for later. Impulsively, I grabbed them and offered the man what I had. He said he would eat them and thank God for what he had. The light turned green and I made my left. "Be safe!" I said. Not a mile down the road, I remembered I had a bag of almonds in my purse.
"Lord, why didn't I think to give him my almonds? They would have been so much better than just two pistachios."
I did not expect the reply:
"He was more grateful for two pistachios than he would have been for a bag of almonds."
I thought for a moment and realized it was true. Thought another moment and realized the homeless man and I were one and the same; our hope was so small two seeds would content us when God wanted to share a whole bag.
Has that ever been you?

Photo by Oxlaey on Flickr