The Tale of the Cabinet Maker

I have decided to think of myself as a cabinet maker.
A cabinet maker does not expect compliments

Brokers, buyers, guests ... they all compliment the kitchen. They expect the doors to close shut and the hinges to swing. Rarely do they ask for the name of the cabinet craftsman.

A cabinet maker does not expect to be remembered

After Owner No. 2, all memory of name is lost. If the hinges still swing softly, they are often taken for granted.

A cabinet make does not expect ongoing "soul-affirmation" from his cabinets

Once they're built, they're built. Upon installation, there is a moment of respite and satisfaction. This moment of fulfillment on a job well done is quickly, if not immediately, followed by packing of tools and re-positioning for the next job.

Craftsmanship is craftsmanship.

And I aim for a job well done. Whether my name is remembered, or not.

Soli Deo Gloria

  Announcement: tomorrow is the relaunch of my fiction blog "Stories of Alberian." I've spent a good while developing the ideas and themes behind the upcoming series. Which is a polished way to say I've been wrestling my hurt and finding deeper levels of healing. 


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