The Terror of Kite-Flying

Yes, really. I may be an expert kite-flyer, but Thursday I was terrified!
I drove to the beach with my $6 dollar fish kite, hooked it together, hoisted it in the air and refused to take my eyes off it. The intense ocean wind pulled so hard I feared it would loose or tear & nevermore be seen in air! Why was I so afraid? I know how to fly a kite! But this time, I realized how much was out of my control. I could only hold the string. And I realized my fears weren’t for the kite … They were for my future. There is SO much out of my control … The most I can do is “hold the string.” I don’t know where this blog/vlog/dream of dancefilm is going to take me … And I am terrified of psychologically ripping from the strain or being torn to pieces by sharp branches. What can I do? I must entrust this delicate pair of wings to the one who entrusted them to me.

This dream isn’t mine.

As much as I may love it, it was Never mine. This dream is a work prepared for me by He who knit me in my mother’s womb for such a time as this. With a Lover of my soul like that … How can I fear? Especially over such an exciting thing as flying a kite?