Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

And Shrapnel doesn’t come out on it’s own. You know the suicide bombing that goes on in Israel? The loose metal & glass that goes hurtling through the air is shrapnel. The world broke, sin exploded, and pieces of pain having been shredding humanity for generations ever since. Just thinking about our family can get a wound throbbing, even wounds we thought were healed. You know how some people are always on edge? Like they have that “burr under their saddle?” You know how you react sometimes and don’t know how to stop yourself? Me too … there’s shrapnel underneath. Time only heals the surface, it take surgery to remove shrapnel. Blood Splatter “And how am I supposed to find a surgeon for my ‘Emotional Shrapnel’ Meg?! I’ve been to counseling! It didn’t help!” The only thing that has helped me - let me repeat that - The only thing that has helped me is asking Jesus Christ to come into my memories. When Jesus comes into my memories, He shows me How He Felt about what happened. And it literally changes everything. What about you? Are you willing to try Jesus?