Walking Slowly

I pride myself on being a driven person. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes its not. I was leaving church the other day and ended up behind a woman with a cane.
"Stay behind her," I heard God say.
I eased my pace. One foot in front of the other placed, with the unhurried swing of a relaxed hip. My mind cycled inwardly even as my body welcomed the slowing. My body kept its rhythm as the lady in front of me - my movement inspiration - drifted towards her ride home. Like a horse at bit, I restrained my mind and forced my eyes to notice the details of the world in the slowness of passing. As my car came in sight, I resisted fetching my keys early and over-clicking the unlock button like a paranoid man in an elevator. I do that you know. The clicking thing. Methodically opening the door and sitting inside, I noticed calm beating of heart and relaxed musculature. It was shocking. Walk I pride myself on being a driven person. Its not always a good thing. What do I miss when I go so fast? Am I really enjoying the journey?

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