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Falling Arch ~ See more at InverseDream.com
Inverse Dream
Dance captured my heart from when I was little. Shame has tried to paralyze my gift but I am determined to walk worthy of the calling I have received.

Watch my Dancing at InverseDream.com


Meg Living Inside Out - YouTube Vlog Channel
Vlog Channel on YouTube
I have convictions and I need to speak them. Here's to #LivingInsideOut

Watch my Vlogs at YouTube.com/MegLivingInsideOut


Stories of Alberian - Hope, Healing, Redemption - New Story on the 1st
Stories of Alberian
Narrative is vehicle for truth-telling and principle-sharing which I love dearly. New stories on the 1st of every month.

Read my Short Fiction at StoriesOfAlberian.com


Gospel of Matthew by Patrick Fore
Statement of Faith

I am nothing without the Gospel. Jesus is my Everything.

Here's Why


Cross by Aaron Burden