Why Be Authentic

Today, I am sharing a challenge:

A challenge to Be Authentic. To "Live Inside Out," whatever that looks like for you.

Being authentic is the most important part of having a relationship with God.

We can try to obey Him in our own strength but if we don't open our hearts to Him, if we don't give Him our splinters and hurts, He will not force us. But if we hold onto it, our hurt will only grow worse and worse. And the emptiness with it.

Without true honesty, we will never receive Christ's whole healing.

So. Here's the challenge:
  1. Film a Video - You can use a camera or a smartphone or even just a dumb phone if that's all you have.
    • Share the #1 struggle that's keeping you from God
    • Commit to Live Inside Out
  2. Ask for Help - Share your video with at least ONE person who can help you be accountable.
  3. Tag Others to Accept the Same Challenge - If you're brave enough, post your video online and ask your friends to join you.
Guys, if you need male accountability and an example to follow, I highly recommend the testimony of Matthew Coker. If you get stuck, make sure to watch the last 15 minutes.

If you're part of the older generation (however that is defined), I would be especially honored if you would also accept this challenge. My generation needs your example to look up to.

Love Always, ~ Meg

--- UPDATE ---

So I accepted my own authenticity challenge. Here's a bunch of nice idols I've been worshiping that've been keeping me from trusting Jesus...   Why Be Authentic? #LivingInsideOut

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  • Zach Van Houten

    Love your passion Meg! I hope many take the challenge and start to deal with the issues they are struggling with. We have all been there, and most of us still are in one way or another. Thanks for being so honest and bold. :)

    • Thank you Zach! Appreciate the encouragement! Will you be joining us? :)

      • Zach Van Houten

        Yes I will be. Been a busy few days, but I plan on making a vid this week and if I get up enough courage I will post it on Twitter. :)

        • I totally know how that goes. I’ll be praying God gives you wisdom and courage as you make the time.

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