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Hurt & Healing

My Story of Self Harm
My Story of Self Harm
 I’ve been through a lot. Certainly not as much as some, but my heart has bled enough to understand the pain of others. These posts represent my greatest hurt: My Story of Self Harm My Post-Anorexic Life Jephthah’s Daughter Why Be Authentic  

Intentional Servanthood

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I’m a big believer in serving. I learn the most about God when I allow Him to get “me” out of the way. Slave for Christ Sanded Soul Observations on Servanthood  


I love finding a fresh explanation for an old idea. Some of the richest principles of the Christian life are shrouded in phrasing that is easily ignored. Opinions of an Ideological Germaphobe Forehead and Courage Planking: A Spiritual Phenomenon  
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I’ve listed some of my other poems above so the one I’ll mention is “Meant to Be.”


Pencil Art by Nalina Prasanna
Photo by Nalina Prasanna
  This is the “all-in-one” junk drawer of my blog but who knows? You might find something useful. Internet Detox About Modesty Why do this? Most of my posts about guy-girl relationships end up here.  

Talent & Dreams

I’m pretty artsy. And I’d like to think I artsy well. Real life experience and opinions below. Life and Faith (and finding work) Living in the Inverse Dream The Terror of Kite-Flying  
Living in the Inverse Dream
Living in the Inverse Dream

Truth in Love

This is the blog series that’s going to get me in trouble one day. The most holy, loving kind of of trouble. Little Child in the Right The Bear Claw and the Scalpel Poem of Words Psalm 139 and the Perfect Hatred  
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In Summary

There are a lot of things I care about and I try to write about them well. I enjoy sharing the words and accomplishments of others in “Around the Web” posts. In time, I hope to share the lives of others who passionately believe in living authentically.

Thank you so much for reading.

  The Fisherman