Everyone gets a Makeover!

This is going to be good. Yes, really. So if your Youtube Channel looks something like THIS:
Basic of the basic
Basic of the basic
How do we make it look like THIS?
Look at that cute Channel! Ok, yeah, it's mine. Sue me or give me pistachios.
Look at that cute channel! Ok yeah, it's mine. Sue me or give me pistachios.

Fun Tip # 1: HOVER

This right here is your secret to online health and happiness:
The Magical, Invisible Edit Icon
Magical & Invisible
  If you want to update your channel page to look awesome, hover your mouse and look for the edit icon ... (This is much like playing "Where's Waldo?" just without the cereal.)
Far Right, Top of the White
Far Right, Top of the White
Okay, okay, here's a hint ...
I said it was invisible
I said it was invisible
Click the Magic Edit Button!


You want the top option:
Red continues the adventure
Red continues the adventure
Which leads to:


Yes, I know that was complicated. Feels good to be done!
  • Browse Mode - Enables the custom layout you've been eyeing on all the good channels.
  • Post to my Activity Feed When I... - Publishes your likes, playlist activity, and new channel subscriptions to all your followers. As an active member of the YouTube community who doesn't want to advertise my every interest, I uncheck all of these.
  • Discussion - Affects the comments left on your actual channel. Since YouTube doesn't always notify when people comment here, I recommend requiring approval. I've discovered channel comments months, even years, after they were originally written. Good thing they were nice!
Yes, that is much more complicated than it seems it should be. Which is the precise reason why I set this page up.

Please leave a comment if there's anything else you need help with.

I want to see the body of Christ influence culture using this powerful medium!